Sunday, May 8, 2011

How To Extract Fla Files From Flash Files With Swf Decompiler

What is a decompiler? Some people may ask. Well, decompiling is a common technique used to reverse engineer compiled files (.swf files), in order to retrieve a representation of the original code. Flash decompiling has been around since the first decompiler (Action Script Viewer) was released in May 2000. At present, there are several tools on the market, such as Eltima Decompiler Trillix, ASV and Flare.Discretion should be used though because as with everything, it can be used for less honorable purposes ( i.e. plagiarizing assets and code). For this reason, the issue of decompiling is a contentious one.

To its defence, a decompiler can have many benefits. It can be a good way to sneak a peek at other peoples code and learn new techniques. Also, if youve lost an .fla and only have the swf at hand, its a good way to recover code, from which you can reconstruct the piece of original work. Phew, what a relief!

Then we should also learn something about the difference between SWF files and FLA files.

First of all, the SWF file is more like a large collection of FLA files. The SWF is a package that contains FLA file and any other files or content you used when making a flash project (Action Script codes, images, text, sounds, etc). If it is to compare SWF with another popular extension, you could say that the SWF it is like the EXE file. So, when we talk about FLA we talk about the core structure of a SWF file (the exact same thing as for Adobe Photoshop and its PSD files).

Now, extracting FLA from SWF is not as simple as it sounds and without a powerful tool it would be almost impossible. A poorly designed application can extract damaged FLA files, files which are absolutely impossible to use for a different purpose.

Recently I had come across SWF Decompiler/ SWF Decompiler for Mac. And after testing, I found that I was not wrong to expect a lot from this SWF Decompiler/ SWF Decompiler for Mac as the software itself provides plenty of features, tools and options. It's absolutely incredible as for how easy it is to convert a Flash video to FLA files.

This SWF Decompiler/ SWF Decompiler for Mac is fast, reliable and really important, affordable. Usually, similar applications are extremely expensive and a simple home user cannot afford them. Because of that, common users have to buy random SWF Decompiler/ SWF Decompiler for Mac (cheaper but also poorly designed). However, the time for random decompiler is over. This SWF Decompiler/ SWF Decompiler for Mac can solve all these problems for you in a simple and professional way.

So, I would like to strongly recommend this SWF Decompiler/ SWF Decompiler for Mac for those who need to convert and decompile SWF files.